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#35 Allow snmp to count the number of rows WHICH HAVE ONLY SPECIFIC VALUE returned by snmpwalk new somebody enhancement minor
#74 Cache file creation issue causes failures later reopened somebody defect 2.x major
#76 mrtg: a way to ignore hosts that are unreachable new somebody enhancement 2.x minor
#112 cfgmaker v1 fallback in 2.17.1 not working with Adtran devices new defect 2.x
#113 Getting Errors adding threshold value in MRTG CRG reopened defect 2.x
#116 cfgmaker uses ifDescr (instead of ifAlias) even if --ifdesc=alias reopened defect 2.x
#117 General revamp of contrib scripts? new enhancement 2.x
#119 Allow cfgmaker to amend 'step' for rrd files created new enhancement 2.x
#123 Broken translation because of typo in the bin/mrtg new defect 2.x
#127 if_alias support for NetGear, Adtran switches new enhancement 2.x
#128 cfgmaker error in 2.17.4 using --no-down and/or --show-op-down new defect 2.x
#131 cfgmaker errors and weird SNMP dump new defect 2.x
#132 Add Huawei OID new enhancement 2.x
#134 problem with Subroutine SNMP_Session::pack_sockaddr_in6 redefined new defect
#135 When running cfgmanker agains Cisco ASA get this error: Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at cfgmaker line 625. --base: Writing Asa.cfg new defect 2.x
#136 [patch] tcp mode support new enhancement 2.x
#137 Add --subject option to mrtg-traffic-sum new enhancement
#138 Add --inout option to show in and out in mrtg-traffic-sum new enhancement
#139 Extend --range option with previous_week new enhancement
#140 cfgmaker uninitialized variable in options processing new defect 2.x
#141 mrtg fails processing targets after math error new defect 2.x
#142 cfgmaker gives a lot of errors new defect 2.x
#143 Allow reload with HUP new defect 2.x
#144 rateup reports Segmentation fault (core dumped) new defect 2.x
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