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Threshholds program not being called on subsequent over/under threshold alarms

Reported by: human Owned by: somebody
Version: 2.x Keywords: Threshold


I am having an issue with threshold programs only being called on the first threshold violation.

MRTG 2.15.2

I originally had a commented line in the config:

#ThreshDir?: /opt/nms_bin/mrtg

Just to be sure, I removed that line and it still doesn't work.

I use a number of config files included in a master cfg and I don't see any sign of a ThreshDir? statement anywhere, yet I continue to only see the call to the threshold program for the first instance of the threshold being exceeded.

The config:

ThreshProgI[mdlarlcdr_atm2_0.6378_health]: /opt/nms_bin/mrtg/traffic_thresh_detect_in.php ThreshProgO[mdlarlcdr_atm2_0.6378_health]: /opt/nms_bin/mrtg/traffic_thresh_detect_out.php ThreshMaxI[mdlarlcdr_atm2_0.6378_health]: 2450 ThreshMaxO[mdlarlcdr_atm2_0.6378_health]: 2450

Help, please.

Vern Dias

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comment:1 Changed 15 years ago by human

After removing the following statement block:

elsif ( not defined $cfg->{threshhyst} or

($bound eq 'min' and $boundval - $cfg->{threshhyst}* $boundval < $threshval) or ($bound eq 'max' and $boundval + $cfg->{threshhyst}* $boundval > $threshval)

) {

mrtg is now calling thresholds on every exception....

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by human

I think I found the problem. I've never submitted a bug fix before, so I apologize if there is a better way to do this.

It looks like back in revision 166 a default setting was set for $cfg->{threshhyst} but it breaks logic in MRTG if the user doesn't want to use ThreshDir/ThreshHyst?.

I propose replacing (in, line 687)...

    $cfg->{threshhyst} = 0.1 unless $cfg->{threshhyst};


    # default ThreshHyst to 0.1 only if ThreshDir is defined
    if ($cfg->{threshdir}{
        $cfg->{threshhyst} = 0.1 unless $cfg->{threshhyst};

comment:3 Changed 15 years ago by human

That should read...

    # default ThreshHyst to 0.1 only if ThreshDir is defined
    if ($cfg->{threshdir}){
        $cfg->{threshhyst} = 0.1 unless $cfg->{threshhyst};

I missed a closing parenthesis.

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by oetiker

thanks. fix is in #331

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by oetiker

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