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Not parsing MIB Files (2 name spaces - Net_SNMP_util::MIB_Files and SNMP_util::MIB_Files)

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I was running MRTG 2.16.2 happily for years on a Sparc/Solaris? 10 system. I recently ported my config over to an Intel/Fedora? 10 release. As a result, my Perl moved from 5.8.8 to 5.10.0.

My mrtg configuration polls data from a squid proxy. This was working correctly under the Solaris system, but failed under the new Fedora 10/Perl 5.10.0 release.

I traced it down to mrtg not reading the mib file. This seems to be because there are 2 almost identical name spaces: Net_SNMP_util and SNMP_util. Both name spaces have identical routines: snmpQueue_MIB_File which puts the name of the mib file on a queue called Net_SNMP_util::MIB_File and SNMP_util::MIB_File.

In my FC10/Perl 5.10.0 installation, only Net_SNMP_util::snmpQueue_MIB_File is called, and thus, only Net_SNMP_util::MIB_File is populated. As a result, mrtg fails when parsing the config files that specify OIDs/names from the mib file.

I made a one line change to fix this in my version. In Net_SNMP_util::snmpQueue_MIB_File, I push the mib file onto the queue in both name spaces:

sub snmpQueue_MIB_File (@) {

my(@files) = @_; my($file);

$Net_SNMP_util::ErrorMessage? = ; foreach $file (@files) {

push(@Net_SNMP_util::MIB_Files, $file); push(@SNMP_util::MIB_Files, $file);



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