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    11= Welcome to SEPP =
    3 On this site we publish our fork of [ SEPP].
     3On this site we publish the OETIKER+PARTNER fork of [ SEPP].
    5  of the tools we use for system administration. When ever we think that a tool might be useful to others we make an effort to remove site specific aspects or make them configurable.
     5SEPP is the Software Deployment System which was developed by Tobias Oetiker (which is working for [ "OETIKER+PARTNER AG"]and was initialy developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
     7== License ==
     9SEPP is freely available under the GNU Public License (GPL 2 or later).
     11== Learning SEPP ==
     13If you want know more about SEPP, make sure to read the [ SEPP Documentation] (little bit outdated).
     15Or take a look at the [ SEPP paper] presented at LISA'98 in Boston.
     17And just in case you wonder, SEPP really works! Check out [ package list].
     19== Getting SEPP==
     21To install SEPP on your own system you need two things:
     23  * The latest stable version (1.5.x) of the SEPP package or a checkout of the SEPP subversion directory
     24  * Unpack the sepp distribution in a subdirectory (in the default case called '/usr/sepp')
     26Get both Packages here.
     28If you are using SEPP, please make sure you Subscribe to the SEPP mailinglist by sending an email with the subject "subscribe" to There is an archive of past list activitiy.
     29Who is using SEPP outside ETH Zurich
     31    * Bernafon AG, Switzerland, 20 Solaris 8 / Solaris 9 / Debian
     32    * Oticon (Copenhagen), 60 Solaris / RedHat / Debian
     33    * SONY Network and Software Technology Center Europe and SONY Visual Products Europe - Brussels, 200 Solaris 8
     34    * Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland, 60 Solaris 8 (With AFS) and a growing number of Linux Boxes
     35    * Department of Mathematics and Physics, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University,Denmark, 7 Solaris 8/9
     36    * Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettronica Universita` di Roma "Tor Vergata", 20 PC Debian/RedHat
     38Please send additions to this list to: ISG.EE
     39Current ETH Package Maintainers and their Signs
     41ab Adrian von Bidder
     42ak Andreas Karrer
     43as Anton Schultschik
     44am Marco Amrein (mam)
     45aw Andreas Wieland
     46be René Beutler
     47bf Felix Bindschädler
     48bm Beat Mueller
     49bo Anja Boehm
     50ds David Schweikert
     51cl Christian Lukasczyk
     52cr Christian Resnik
     53cs Christian Stoecklin
     54dg David Gunzinger
     55dr Dominik Regli
     56eh Elmar Heeb
     57et Edwin Thaler
     58fe Felix Etter
     59hps Hanspeter Schmid
     60js Jacques Supcik
     61jh Jan Hacker
     62ke Klaus Ethgen
     63lc Corin Lanser
     64ma Matthias Braendli
     65mo Manuel Oetiker
     66mr Marco Reimers
     67mt Milan Tadian
     68mb Martin Berger
     69ol Olivier Bourquin
     70pg Pierre-Alain Genilloud
     71rb Ray Ballisti
     72rp Roman Plessl
     73rs Roya Soleymani Kohler
     74rw Ronald Wakefield
     75sa Simon Alder
     76sd David Schneider
     77sg Sascha Giger
     78sm Simon Moser
     79ss Stephan Scholze
     80st Ruedi Strub
     81sw Stefan Walter
     82tm Tobias Meier
     83to Tobias Oetiker
     84ts Thomas Steingruber
     85vg Victor Götsch
     86vj Volker Peter Jantzen
     87wi Christoph Wicki
     88za Fritz Zaucker
     90Additions welcome, please send them to ISG.EE.
    791The tools are covered by the GNU General Public License. For other uses please contact us at OETIKER+PARTNER AG.