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Welcome to SEPP

On this site we publish the OETIKER+PARTNER fork of SEPP (also called OP-SEPP).

SEPP is a Software Deployment System which was developed by Tobias Oetiker.

Initially SEPP was developed and used at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and since Tobi is working for OETIKER+PARTNER AG also used in many customer installation of OETIKER+PARTNER.


SEPP is freely available under the GNU Public License (GPL 2 or later).

Learning SEPP

If you want know more about SEPP, make sure to read the SEPP Documentation (outdated but still true in concepts).

Or take a look at the SEPP paper presented at LISA'98 in Boston.

And just in case you wonder, SEPP really works! Check out package list.

Getting SEPP

To install SEPP on your own system you need two things:

  • The latest stable version (1.5.x) of the SEPP package or a checkout of the SEPP subversion directory
  • An installation of perl (version 5.8.x or higher) including the Config::Grammar package
  • An installation of rsync
  • Unpack the sepp distribution in a subdirectory (in the default case called '/usr/sepp')

A tarball of SEPP (1.5.0) is available here.

The subversion repository is accessible through svn:// or by browsing the source (Browse Source).

Further Informations

  • Mailinglist

If you are using SEPP, please make sure you Subscribe to the SEPP mailinglist by sending an email with the subject "subscribe" to sepp-request@…. There is an archive of past list activitiy.

  • Who is using SEPP outside ETH Zurich
  • Bernafon AG, Switzerland, 20 Solaris 8 / Solaris 9 / Debian
  • Oticon (Copenhagen), 60 Solaris / RedHat? / Debian
  • SONY Network and Software Technology Center Europe and SONY Visual Products Europe - Brussels, 200 Solaris 8
  • Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland, 60 Solaris 8 (With AFS) and a growing number of Linux Boxes
  • Department of Mathematics and Physics, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University,Denmark, 7 Solaris 8/9
  • Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettronica Universita` di Roma "Tor Vergata", 20 PC Debian/RedHat?

Please send additions to this list to: ISG.EE

  • sepp-get

SEPP and sepp-get are made available for free and as is. There is no warranty concerning their functionality. We are, however, interested in your feedback, extensions, bug fixes, etc. If you need a feature not currently provided by the SEPP tools and don't have the resources to extend them yourself, we can make you an offer for a project to extend them for you.

Good luck!