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Welcome to SEPP

SEPP is a Software Deployment System which was developed by Tobias Oetiker.

On this site we publish the OETIKER+PARTNER fork of SEPP (also called OP-SEPP).

Initially SEPP was developed and used at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and since Tobi is working for OETIKER+PARTNER AG also used in our own and many customer installations of OETIKER+PARTNER.

Learning SEPP

If you want know more about SEPP, make sure to read the SEPP Documentation (outdated but still true in concepts).

Or take a look at the SEPP paper presented at LISA'98 in Boston.

And just in case you wonder, SEPP is still alive! Check out the package list of OETIKER+PARTNER or the package list of ISG.EE at ETH Zürich.

Getting SEPP

To install SEPP on your own system you need these things:

  • The latest stable version (1.5.1) of the SEPP package or a checkout of the SEPP subversion directory (tags)
  • An installation of perl (version 5.8.x or higher) including the Config::Grammar package
  • An installation of rsync
  • An installation of bzip2
  • Unpack the sepp distribution in a subdirectory (in the default case called '/usr/sepp')

A tarball of SEPP (1.5.1) is available here.

The last tarball (sepp-snapshot.tar.bz2) of the OP-SEPP is available here.

The subversion repository is accessible through svn:// or by browsing the source (Browse Source).


SEPP is freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL 2 or later).

Further Informations


sepp-get is a tool to sync remote SEPP packages for use on the local machine or for a local site SEPP installation. Further information to sepp-get is available here.


If you are using this fork of SEPP (OP-SEPP), please make sure you subscribe to the OP-SEPP mailinglist by using the webfrontend at or sending an email with the subject "subscribe" to op-sepp-request {AT} There is an archive of past list activitiy.

Current Packages Maintainers

The current package maintainers and their signs are visible at maintainerlist.

Creating Tickets

If you want to add/edit trouble tickets, you have to login first:

username: human
password: nospam

This is to reduce automated spamming on this site.

Extension of SEPP or sepp-get

SEPP and sepp-get are made available for free and as is. There is no warranty concerning their functionality. We are, however, interested in your feedback, extensions, bug fixes, etc. If you need a feature not currently provided by the SEPP tools and don't have the resources to extend them yourself, we can make you an offer for a project to extend them for you.

Good luck!