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#3 fixed Cannot see graphs on version 0.0.5 somebody human

I have installed and everything seems working except the graphs. I see a blank image. I see the same things on your demo version... the tree works but double clicking just shows [after a while] a blank image [ie missing image].

It appears that it should be created in /tmp and then displayed... but I don't see it ever in /tmp [maybe deleted quicker than I can see it, but I cannot see the delete code].


#6 fixed du2rrd displays strange directory sizes oetiker human

Here is my setup:

command: /usr/bin/du /usr/local/www /usr/home /hosting | /path/to/bin/du2rrd --rrd_root=/path/to/rrd/du2rrd "Sites=/usr/local/www/{Sites}" "Users=/usr/home/{Users}" "Hostings=/hosting/{Hostings}"

system: FreeBSD 6.x, RRDtool 1.3.7, GNU bash version 3.2.25

Here are some size informations:

/hosting real used size is 61G (df -h), du2rrd html interface reads a "Size MB" of 124,157, and the graph reads "Total disk usage Hostings: 83 GByte" /usr/home real size is 21G (du -h /usr/home), but du2rrd html interface reads a "Size MB" of 43,876, and the graph reads "Total disk usage Users: 29 GByte" ...

Is there something wrong in my setup? It looks like the size in the "Size MB" column is twice the real value, and it's also twice the yesterday value (2 day of running, so far). I'm quite sure the "Size MB" will increase again by the same amount tomorrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

regards patpro

#1 fixed du2rrd: The path of perl is hard coded somebody human

Within the tools du2rrd and du2rrd.cgi the path to Perl is hard code #!/usr/sepp/bin/perl-5.8.8 -w. It would be a good choice to change this to usual conventions (/usr/bin/perl e.g.) or do a real perl installation package.

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