Welcome to OP Tools

On this site we publish some of the tools we use for system administration. When ever we think that a tool might be useful to others we make an effort to remove site specific aspects or make them configurable.

The tools are covered by the GNU General Public License. For other uses please contact us at OETIKER+PARTNER AG.

These tools are made avaible for free and as is. There is no warranty concerning their functionality. We are, however, interested in your feedback, extensions, bug fixes, etc. If you need a feature not currently provided by the tools and don't have the resources to extend them yourself, we can make you an offer for a project to extend them for you.

Good luck!

OP Tools

Scripts to monitor UPS systems through SNMP using RRDtool.
Scripts to sync remote SEPP packages for use on the local site or local machine.
An rrd based disk space tracking system with AJAX webinterface.
Win32 Monitoring Perl Modules and Proof by Example Code
Benchmark for interactive Filesystem performance
A Website to Text Converter


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