UPS systems manufactured by ONLINE USV can be outfitted with SNMP cards and thus configured and monitored through an ethernet connection. The built-in webserver provides a basic logging facility and an Active-X based display module.

More sophisticated tools are required for long-term monitoring of an individual UPS system and even more so for efficient monitoring and reporting of several or many UPS systems as are often installed in data centers. RRDtool is tailored specifically for this task and often already used for other monitoring tasks recording and displaying operational parameters of networking equipment, servers, climate control , etc.

The following images show the input power and the battery power for a Xantos RT3000 UPS system over a 10 day periode. On two dates an input power outage was simulated:


Perl scripts

The following Perl scripts will be available for download by 10th May 2007:
Create a set of RRD files to store the data.
Read data from UPS system and store it in RRD files.
CGI-script to create and display graphs through your webserver.

These scripts have been tested with a ONLINE-USV Xanto RT 3000 UPS system, using a Generex CS121 SC Budget SNMP modul. Other configuration might work as well.

Binary packages

Pre-configured binary packages for Linux and Windows will be available soon.

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