RRDtool 1.4 News

RRD Caching Daemon (rrdcached)

by Florian Forster and Kevin Brintnall

The RRD Caching Daemon can dramatically improve the 'update' performance of your system. Due to file handling overheads, the time it takes todo one update is virtually the same as to doing two updates in a row.

The Cache Daemon intercepts rrdtool update calls, assembling multiple updates before writing them to the actual rrd file. When calling rrdtool graph in such a setup, the command will tell the daemon to flush out all pending updates for the rrd files, required to draw the graph.

See rrdcached documentation.

RRD Dumping and Restoring (rrdtool dump/restore)

by Tobi Oetiker

The output of rrdtool dump has been adjusted to be simpler to parse by existing xml parsers.

The restore core has been completely re-written yet again and is now relying on an incremental xml parser. This has the advantage that the memory consumption while restoring xml files is only slightly larger than the resulting rrd file. Which is much less than the requirements of the 1.3 and even 1.2

RRD Graphing functions (rrdtool graph)

by Martin Sperl

  • VDEF PERCENTNAN (a PRECENT that ignores NAN)
  • CDEF PREDICT and PREDICTSIGMA functions for on-the-fly data prediction without the need to modify existing rrd files as it is required for HoltWinters?.
  • LibDBI integration provides a path to read data directly of a supported SQL database into rrdtool graph. See rrdgraph_libdbi documentation.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • graph legends can now be placed left, right or above the graph with the new --legend-direction and --legend-positon placement options. by Melchior Rabe
  • switched to using automake 1.11 which provides a 'silent' build process, causing errors and warnings to stand out much more than before. by Tobi Oetiker
  • switched from intltoolize to autopoint for the i18n configuration. by Tobi Oetiker
  • new graph option --grid-dash on:off to configure the dash length in the grid painted over the graph by Tobi Oetiker
  • lua bindings for rrdtool by Fidelis Assis
  • various improvements to rrd_open functions and mmap handling by Daniel Pocock
  • allow the HW smoothing window size to be set to 0 with rrdtool tune by sylvain luiset
  • new graph option --border to set the 3d border width by Bernhard Reutner-Fischer
  • draw different color swats depending on the type of line drawn in the graph by Loïc Tortay
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