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    1414A: If you are graphing an AVERAGE RRA then the data shown in the graph will be consolidated using the same method in order to fit the graph. In a high resolution graph, each pixel may represent 5 minutes worth of data. In this graph you would see a 5 minute transfer rate of 120 as a 1 pixel wide peak of 120. In a graph where 1 pixel represents 1 hour worth of data, the same incident would show up as a 1 pixel wide peak of 10.
     16== Logging ==
     18=== RRDtool does not return what I put in ===
     20Q: ''I created an rrd file and then used rrdtool update to input a few values. I then used rrdtool fetch to get them back out.
     21The values that come out of rrdtool are sort of similar to what I put in, but they do not match exactly.''
     23A: ?

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