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    33Trac has a built-in search engine to allow finding occurrences of keywords and substrings in wiki pages, tickets and changeset descriptions.
    5 Using the Trac search facility is straightforward and its interface should be familiar to most www users.
     5Using the Trac search facility is straightforward and its interface should be familiar to most users.
    77Apart from the [search: Search module], you will also find a small search field above the navigation bar at all time. It provides convenient access to the search module from all pages.
    9 == Quickjumps ==
    10 For intermediate and advanced use, Trac has a useful way to quickly navigate to a given resource, named '''quickjumps'''.
    12 If you enter a [wiki:TracLinks TracLink] in the search field above the navigation bar, Trac will recognize this and assume you know where you're going.
     9== "Quickjump" searches ==
     10For quick access to various project resources, the quick-search field at the top of every page can be used to enter a [TracLinks wiki link], which will take you directly to the resource identified by that link.
    1412For example:
    1715 * !#42 -- Opens ticket number 42
    1816 * !{1} -- Opens report 1
     17 * /trunk -- Opens the browser for the `trunk` directory
    20 '''Note:''' ''This is a particularly useful feature to quickly navigate to a specific issue ticket or changeset.''
     19== Advanced ==
    22 === Advanced: Disabling Quickjumps ===
     21=== Disabling Quickjumps ===
    2322To disable the quickjump feature for a search keyword - for example when searching for occurences of the literal word !TracGuide - begin the query with an exclamation mark (!).
     24=== Search Links ===
     25From the Wiki, it is possible to link to a specific search, using
     26`search:` links:
     27 * `search:?q=crash` will search for the string "crash"
     28 * `search:?q=trac+link&wiki=on` will search for "trac" and "link"
     29   in wiki pages only

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