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    1010An issue is assigned to a person who must resolve it or reassign the ticket to someone else.
    1111All tickets can be edited, annotated, assigned, prioritized and discussed at any time.
    13 '''Note:''' To make full use of the ticket system, use it as an ''in bucket'' for ideas and tasks for your project, rather than just bug/fault reporting.
    1513== Ticket Fields ==
    3634'''Note:''' Versions of Trac prior to 0.9 did not have the ''type'' field, but instead provided a ''severity'' field and different default values for the ''priority'' field. This change was done to simplify the ticket model by removing the somewhat blurry distinction between ''priority'' and ''severity''. However, the old model is still available if you prefer it: just add/modify the default values of the ''priority'' and ''severity'', and optionally hide the ''type'' field by removing all the possible values through [wiki:TracAdmin trac-admin].
     36'''Note:''' the ''type'' (TicketTypes), ''component'' (TicketComponent), ''version'' (TicketVersion), ''priority'' (TicketPriority) and ''severity'' (TicketSeverity) fields can all be managed through [wiki:TracAdmin trac-admin].
    3938== Changing and Commenting Tickets ==
    5857=== State Diagram ===
    6463The option selected by default for the various drop-down fields can be set in [wiki:TracIni trac.ini], in the `[ticket]` section:
    66  * `default_type`: Default ticket type
    6765 * `default_component`: Name of the component selected by default
    68  * `default_version`: Name of the default version
    6966 * `default_milestone`: Name of the default milestone
    7067 * `default_priority`: Default priority value
    7168 * `default_severity`: Default severity value
     69 * `default_type`: Default ticket type
     70 * `default_version`: Name of the default version
    7372If any of these options are omitted, the default value will either be the first in the list, or an empty value, depending on whether the field in question is required to be set.
    8584If the list of possible ticket owners is finite, you can change the ''assign-to'' ticket field from a text input to a drop-down list. This is done by setting the `restrict_owner` option of the `[ticket]` section in [wiki:TracIni trac.ini] to “true”. In that case, Trac will use the list of all users who have logged in and set their email address to populate the drop-down field.
    87 ''Note that this feature is '''still experimental as of version 0.9'''. There is no way to only display a subset of all known users as possible ticket owners. Nor is there a convenient way to remove emeritus users short of directly modifying the database.''
     86To appear in the dropdown list, a user needs be registered with the project, ''i.e.'' a user session should exist in the database. Such an entry is automatically created in the database the first time the user submits a change in the project, for example when editing the user's details in the ''Settings'' page. Also, the user must have `TICKET_MODIFY` [TracPermissions permissions].
    9088== Preset Values for New Tickets ==
    9492Possible variables are :
     94 * '''type''' - The type droplist
    9695 * '''reporter''' - Name or email of the reporter
    9796 * '''summary''' - Summary line for the ticket
    108107'''Example:''' ''/trac/newticket?summary=Compile%20Error&version=1.0&component=gui''
    111110See also:  TracGuide, TracWiki, TracTicketsCustomFields, TracNotification

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