Tobias Oetiker -- Initial design, Main Developer.

Jake Brutlag -- Aberrant Behavior Detection, Computed datasources.

Alex van den Bogaerdt -- VDEF and other features, lots of documentation.

Over the Years many people have coded for RRDtool. Their contributions have helped greatly to make RRDtool as useful as it is today.

$Id: CONTRIBUTORS 1933 2009-10-04 12:18:03Z oetiker $

I would like to thank to following people for helping to
bring RRDtool into existence.

Alan Lichty <alan_lichty with> 
Alan Milligan <> Python bindings
Alex van den Bogaerdt <alex with> (rrd_resize.c and more)
Amos Shapira <amos with>
Andreas Kroomaa <andre with>
Andrew Turner <turner with> (LAST consolidator)
Benny Baumann <benbe with rrd_dump with callback support
Bernard Fischer <bfischer with> 64bit stuff, --alt-autoscale-max
Bernhard Fischer <rep dot dot dot nop with> MMAP rewrite
Bill Fenner <fenner with>
Blair Zajac <bzajac with>
Bruce Campbell <bruce.campbell with>
Chin-A-Young <china with>
Christophe VG <Christophe.VanGinneken with>
Christophe Van Ginneken <Christophe.VanGinneken with> (--no-legend)
Dan Dunn <dandunn with>
Daniel Pocock <daniel in> rrd_create to mmap port
Dave Bodenstab <> AT style time in update, tclfixes
David Grimes <dgrimes with> SQRT/SORT/REV/SHIFT/TREND
David L. Barker <dave with> xport function bug fixes
Evan Miller <emiller with> Multiplicative HW Enhancements
Frank Strauss <strauss with> TCL bindings
Florian octo Forster <rrdtool> rrd_restore libxml2 rewrite, deprecated function export, rrdcached
Fidelis Assis <fidelis> lua bindings
Henrik Storner <henrik with> functions for min/max values of data in graph
Hermann Hueni <hueni with> (SunOS porting)
Jakob Ilves <jilves with> HPUX 11
Jeff R. Allen <jeff.allen with> (autoconfigure, portability)  
Jeremy Fischer <jeremy with> (Makefile changes & RPM builds)
Jesús Couto Fandiño
Joel Becker <jlbec with> AIX
Joey Miller <joeym with>php3 and php4 bindings
Jost.Krieger <Jost.Krieger with>
Kai Siering <kai.siering with>
Kevin Brintnall <kbrint with> bugfixes in and additions to rrdcached, including journaling support
Larry Leszczynski <larryl with>
Mark Plaksin <> rrd_graph_v
Matt Chambers <matthew.chambers with> --full-size-mode for rrdgraph
Melchior Rabe <rrdtool at> -- legend position patch
McCreary mccreary with
Mike Mitchell <mcm with>
Mike Slifcak <slif with> many rrdtool-1.1.x fixes
Oleg Cherevko <olwi with>
Otmar Lendl <O.Lendl with> (lots of bugfixes)
Pablo Sanchez <pablo at> (CDEF vs VDEF)
Patrick Cherry <patrick with>
Paul Joslin <Paul.Joslin with>
Peter Speck <speck with> eps/svg/pdf file format code in rrdtool-1.x
Peter Stamfest <peter with> initial multi-thread support
Peter Breitenlohner <peb with>  many patches for rrdtool 1.2.x
Philippe.Simonet <Philippe.Simonet with> (NT porting)
Poul-Henning Kamp <phk with> CDEF enhancements
REIBENSCHUH Alfred <alfred.reibenschuh with> AIX
Radoslaw Karas <rkaras with>
Rainer Bawidamann <Rainer.Bawidamann with>
Roman Hoogant <rhoogant with>
Ronan Mullally <ronan in>
Roger J. Meier <roger.meier in> (arbitrary linelength in rrdtool)
Russ Wright <rwwright with>
Sean Summers <sean with> (RPM .spec)
Selena M Brewington <smbrewin with> add_ds
Shane O'Donnell <shaneo with>
Simon Leinen <simon with>
Steen Linden <Steen.Linden with>
Sebastian Harl <sh at> debian packaging, rrdcached fixes and ehancements
Stefan Ludewig <Stefan.Ludewig at> 1.3 WIN32 Port
Stefan Mueller <s.mueller with> HPUX 11
Steve Harris <steveh with> AIX portability
Steve Rader <rader with> (rrd_cgi debugging and LAST)
Terminator rAT <karl_schilke with>
Tobias Weingartner <weingart with>
Thomas Gutzler <thomas.gutzler with> dashed lines
Tom Crawley <Tom.Crawley with> (GCC&HP configuration)
Travis Brown <tebrown with> 
Tuc <ttsg with>
Ulf Lilleengen <lulf with> Python binding for 'rrdtool first'
Ulrich Schilling <schilling with> AIX
Wim Heirman <wim.heirman> --units=si option
Wolfgang Schrimm <wschrimm with> xport function
Wrolf Courtney <wrolf with> (HP-UX)
hendrik visage <hvisage with>
Vytautas Zdanavicius <> -- python argument list exander
Martin Sperl <rrdtool> (CDEF prediction functions, libdbi)
Philippe Simonet <philippe.simonet with> (Windows Binaries)
Alexander Lucke (lucke with of DNS:NET Internet Services (
Hedley Simons <>
Nicola Worthington <>
Wegmann, Christof <> 1.3/trunk win32 port

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