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This module handles all special functionality required by smokeping running in master mode.



Extract the relevant configuration information for the selected slave. The configuration will only contain the information that is relevant for the slave. Any parameters overwritten in the Slaves section of the configuration file will be patched for the slave.

save_updates (updates)

When the cgi gets updates from a client, these updates are saved away, for each 'target' so that the updates can be integrated into the relevant rrd database by the rrd daemon as the next round of updates is processed. This two stage process is chosen so that all results flow through the same code path in the daemon.

The updates are stored in the directory configured as 'dyndir' in the 'General' configuration section, defaulting to the value of 'datadir' from the same section if 'dyndir' is not present.


Read in all updates provided by the selected slave and return an array reference.


Read the secrets file and figure the secret for the slave which is talking to us.


Answer the requests from the slave by accepting the data, verifying the secrets and providing updated config information if necessary.


Copyright 2007 by Tobias Oetiker


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