<rrdfile> = ceph//<name>


This module adds support for creating, updating and retrieving RRD files directly from a Ceph cluster using librados.

It adds a ceph// prefix to RRD file name which is used to instruct rrdtool to operate on a file that is stored in Ceph.

Currently the module expects to find the Ceph configuration file in the default location at /etc/ceph/ceph.conf. By default it uses Ceph client ID "admin" and a Ceph pool named "rrd".



Sets the Ceph Client ID to use when connecting. By default the client ID "admin" is used.


Sets the name of the Ceph Pool to connect to. By default, the pool "rrd" is used.


Creating an RRD file on Ceph

 rrdtool create ceph//temperature.rrd --step 300 \
   DS:temp:GAUGE:600:-273:5000 \
   RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:1200 \
   RRA:MIN:0.5:12:2400 \
   RRA:MAX:0.5:12:2400 \

Importing an existing RRD into Ceph

 rrdtool dump existing.rrd | rrdtool restore - ceph//new.rrd

Or you could also copy the RRD file directly into Ceph using the rados command line utility.

Retrieving RRD data from Ceph

 rrdtool fetch ceph//file.rrd AVERAGE


Simon Boulet <simon@nostalgeek.com>

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