RRDtool Gallery

Add your own graphs to this list

If you have created a graph you like, and you think I would like it too, please send me the image plus an xml file like the example below to be considered for addition to this page. Note that your graph must not be wider than 600 pixels.

<gallery image="graph.png" > <!-- no wider than 600 pixle -->

      <title> A Title for the Graph </title>
     <author> Who created it ? </author> 
<description> max 300 characters of background information. </description>
       <year> 2005 </year><month> 4 </month> <!-- creation date -->
   <!-- Optional -->   

   <livesite> http://somesite.blabla.plac </livesite> 
      <email> max@example.com </email>


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